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BOOM!Box: Content Recap 

This quarterly subscription box is bursting with Nerd Makeup, Nerd Manicures (two brand new designs...one of which is subscriber exclusive!), and other specially curated and theme-specific goodies. You can expect items from Espionage Cosmetics and other geektastic vendors you will love in every box! Expand your nerd universe and subscribe now!    

Nexus: Content Recap

This monthly subscription service ships two brand new nail wrap designs to your doorstep! An epic wrap battle ensues and it’s then up to you to vote on your favorite! The winning nail wrap design joins our permanent #NerdManicure line and the loser becomes a subscriber exclusive, never to be produced again! Join the wrap battle now!

Nexus OP: Content Recap

Each round of Nexus OP is a random spawn that introduces an exclusive collection of NEW designs…focused around a specific fandom! ANYONE can participate in an OP event, but being a subscriber (of B!B and/or Nexus) provides a 50% discount off OP AND you get 24 hour advance notice on info and access before it goes public! OP will contain anywhere from TWO to FOUR brand new Nerd Manicure designs! The theme is a surprise, but the endgame is a guaranteed win! ALL designs are participant exclusive and a new event can spawn at any time! Watch for the GOLDEN GLOW. It signals a new OP event has spawned! Sign up for #GlitterArmy updates to be the first to know when a new Nexus OP event is queuing!