Nexus OP

What is NEXUS OP?

NEXUS OP is an overpowered fandom infused, one-off version of the NEXUS subscription. It contains nail wraps, or Nerd Manicures, that follow a fandom theme. Find out more here

Is NEXUS OP a subscription?

Nope! Think of it as a booster pack made available every so often. Catch it when it spawns as a one-time purchase!

What's inside the NEXUS OP?

The glowing of the NEXUS OP icon on the BOOM!Box homepage signifies a NEXUS OP is about to spawn. BOOM!Box and NEXUS subscribers will receive 24hrs advance notice before a NEXUS OP spawns.

What does OP stand for?

OP stands for OVERPOWERED, so you're bound to get the most out of your fandom Nerd Manicure!

When does OP ship?

The product listing for NEXUS OP each round will indicate the shipping window.

How much does NEXUS OP cost?

Since NEXUS OP can contain 2 to 4 sets of nail wraps, the price range is $20-40 (before tax + S&H). Don't forget that active BOOM!Box and NEXUS subscribers get 50% OFF the list price!