I have some input I'd like to share regarding my NEXUS package? Where do I send that?

We like you already! We are always seeking out feedback regarding our services. You can submit reviews HERE, on our FB page, or the CJ marketplace. You can also send all rants, raves, comments, and quemments to [email protected]!

What is NEXUS?

NEXUS is a subscription service that will win the hearts of nail art lovers. It sends out two new nail wrap designs every month, and subscribers help shape the future of the Espionage Cosmetics nail art line by voting for their favorite design! Each NEXUS package is a mystery, and the only clue subscribers are given regarding the nail wraps inside is the theme that we reveal in advance. You can choose from several subscription options (month-to-month or # months in advance). Find out more here

"Limited Openings" *Dalek voice* EXPLAAAINNN?!

Much like the BOOM!Box subscription, we have a limited amount of spots available per cycle. If you don’t want to miss out on the new nail wrap designs, be sure to try and get your subscription put in as soon as possible!

How do I know I've secured a NEXUS package this cycle?

You will know if your spot is secured when your payment is processed for an active subscription! The number of spots will remain consistent, so once you receive billing confirmation via e-mail, you’re all set!

How will I know if NEXUS is sold out for a specific month?

A huge indicator of a certain month being sold out is the website rolling subscriptions over to the following month. If you want updates on spot availability as they occur, click here to subscribe to our subscription mailing list!

Is there a waiting list for NEXUS?

Not at the moment, but if you join this mailing list, notifications will be sent out should more spots become available.

How much does NEXUS cost?

If you’re in the US, the cost of a NEXUS subscription is $15 (+ tax, shipping & handling). Are you an international subscriber? Below is a table that breaks down cost by location.

Estimated International Shipping Charges:

Location Shipping Cost
U.S. $4.00
Canada $10.00
United Kingdom $13.00
Ireland $13.00
Australia $13.00
Japan $13.00
Europe $14.00
Other $15.00

Is there special pricing if I purchase NEXUS for multiple months at a time?

Yes, there is! When you subscribe to multiple months in advance, you actually save. As you increase the months paid in your subscription, the cost decreases!

What is the billing cycle for NEXUS?

The initial subscription will be billed at checkout, while auto-renewals for NEXUS subscriptions occur on the 28th of each month!

When does NEXUS ship?

As of September 2016, the NEXUS ships between the 18th and last day of the month.

Renewal Bill Date Shipping Window
JAN 28 FEB 18-28
FEB 28 MAR 18-31
MAR 28 APR 18-30
APR 28 MAY 18-30
MAY 28 JUN 18-31
JUN 28 JUL 18-30
JUL 28 AUG 18-31
AUG 28 SEP 18-30
SEP 28 OCT 18-31
OCT 28 NOV 18-30
NOV 28 DEC 18-31
DEC 28 JAN 18-31

What happens if I subscribed for more than one NEXUS package, but cancel after receiving the first?

Cancellation after purchase will prevent your subscription from renewing. You will receive all the packages ordered, however, if you wish to cancel shipments and receive a refund for the remaining NEXUS packages in your subscription you can contact our support team at [email protected].

I would love to review the NEXUS for my vlog/blog/press outlet. Who do I contact?

Our press team! You can reach them at [email protected]. Be sure to specify your interest (BOOM!Box, NEXUS, or Espionage Cosmetics), provide links, and of course a little bit about your lovely self!